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Carolina Beach Volleyball Academy The Carolina's Premier Beach Volleyball Club!

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Why Play Beach Volleyball?

Karch Kiraly - Olympic Gold Medalist / Women's National Head Coach"

It's easier to take your outdoor skills into the gym than to bring your indoor skills outside. Simple reason.  Beach volleyball forces you to have all the skills. That's why I think it's a good idea for indoor players to play on the beach. . . . Learning those skills can only help improve a player's indoor performance.  All my years playing on the beach as a kid certainly helped my indoor game. If nothing else, a player's quickness and jump will be increased by playing on soft sand."

John Kessel - USA Volleyball"

The beach game is GREAT for improving your indoor skills/game.  Whatever your weaknesses are,you get to work on them a ton. Unlike the 6 person game, you touch the ball in every rally, and with just two of you covering the court, you learn to read and anticipate much better. Dealing with the sun and wind helps you be more adaptable. Player height is less important outdoors where ball control and skill is more important."

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