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Want to play beach volleyball in college?  Want to improve your indoor skill set? Simply Love beach volleyball?  Want to be the absolute best volleyball player you can be?  Whatever the reason, we have the program for you!

The Year-Round Programs have different tiers depending on what your goals are as a volleyball player.  If beach volleyball is your passion, our College Athlete Program and Specialized Programs are for you, and if supplementing your indoor training is your goal, our Specialized and Part-Time Programs could be for you.  Each group has a different commitment level with the College Athlete Program being for only the most dedicated. 


Our Year Round Programs were developed with input from college coaches across the country.  We asked what they wanted from their athletes when they showed up on campus, we listened and created our curriculum on those requests.  The practices are intense, and conditioning is a huge staple for our programs.  If hard work is appealing to you, then the Year-Round Program and Carolina Beach is the place for you.

Our programs are designed to teach all aspects of our sport.  Help you define your goals and then achieve them.  All of these programs start in November and run through July, and only those who are serious about advancing their career should choose this option.

Partners - We will have many players at each age group, so playing within our club would be an ideal scenario. Your first few tournaments it does not matter if it is a perfect partner... We are focused on the learning aspect. For smaller non scheduled tournaments you are able to play with anyone you choose, assuming they are not playing for a rival club.  If there are any issues please see the Director and we will handle.

Our Development Programs can be utilized all year round.  It is for the player who cannot commit to a 9 month season, but still wants to advance their game, and really focus on the core skills that are necessary for any player.  It is for the beginner to advanced and everything in between.  We work hard, but try to have fun doing it!  Each new season starts over, meaning it does not progress from season to season that is what we do in the Year Round Programs.  We have a Winter (Nov/Dec), a Winter 2 (Jan/Feb/March), a Spring/Summer (Starts in April, and you choose how many months lasting through July), and finally our Fall (Sept/Oct this one is unique as we are starting to prepare some for our year round season but for others very similar)

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