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Overview:  Our Beach Development Program is the perfect program for the beginner to advanced Beach Volleyball player. 

  • Get more touches.

  • Increase your vertical and court quickness.

  • Learn court awareness and enhance your knowledge of volleyball overall.

  • Learn all skills to better your indoor game as well as beach.

  • Prepare your body and your game to play in volleyball tournaments.

  • Get coaching from the best beach coaches in the Carolinas!

  • We not only coach at practice but tournaments as well!

  • Colleges recruit beach players, which offer more scholarship opportunities.

  • Beach Volleyball is the fastest growing sport in the history of the NCAA.

Tournaments:  Tournaments are not required, but are a great way to demonstrate and apply the skills we practice in a match setting. The competitive environment in a tournament is a great learning experience in itself and we will offer coaching support at many tournaments this season.

Strength and Conditioning:  There is no better way to get in shape and gain quickness than to train in the sand. All practices will include specific cardio and sand plyo training either at the beginning or end of practice. Our strength and conditioning program, if performed correctly and consistently, will provide increased quickness, stamina, strength, and vertical leap ability.

Requirements:  A willingness and desire to learn the beach game and the ability to have fun doing so. This is not your picnic volleyball program. We will focus primarily on a skill set one day and spend more time playing on the other day.
Playing Partner:  You do not need to have a playing partner to join our program. Playing with different people is part of learning the game. Our practices will give you plenty of experience pairing up with someone you may not know well, and if you don’t have a partner come tournament time we can offer suggestions to help you.

Winter - November and December - You will be practicing one, two, or three days a week for these two months, with an options for just one day, although not recommended.

Winter 2 - January and February and March - You will be choosing how many days you will practice over the three months whether that is one day, two days, or three days a week.

Spring/Summer - April, May, June, July - You will be choosing how many months you wish to attend, but you will be practicing two times a week.

Fall - September and October - You will choose how many days a week you attend over these two months, either one day, two days or three days.

For those choosing the one days option, you will be one of the three days and times... This will not change once chosen.  Same for Two days a week, once you choose your two days and times, that will be when you come.  Three day a week players will be coming to each day/time.
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